people who  needlessly start drama


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At three in the morning
I said your name aloud
To the walls, at a time when
everything was so quiet,
the word alone sent shockwaves,
small silent earthquakes through the air
I got to thinking of how your eyes dim
When I tell you that your mind
Reminds me of a complex staircase
That I’m having trouble climbing

At three-thirty in the morning
I tapped my feet together
Thinking of making wishes
But the waves in my mind
Left me windswept and
Thirsting for your skin on my sheets
Thinking maybe dreaming would be
An escape from the calamity
But you know I know better
Since you always find a way in

At 4 in the morning
I contemplated love as a calendar
And you were just a week
When you were all crossed out,
My mind would be clear for a moment
I could have brunches again
My life would become something
All of it just wishful thinking
As you’d schedule more time
And I’d fall slave to you again

At five fifteen in the morning
There was a rustling
Right outside of my window
I imagined it as sleep
In the shape of a baby deer
And as I went to run my hands
Down its back to comfort it
You slaughtered it in front of me
Taking away my only chance to rest
Forcing me awake forever


Forcing Me Awake Forever - BM (via beardedmusing)

Praying for some good rappers and a Fleetwood.

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